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Everything You Need to Know About Eyewear Trends for 2018–2019

October 29, 2018

A few weeks ago, Opto-Réseau attended Vision Expo East in New York City. We got an inside look at what’s next in eyewear. We’re going to let you in on the major trends coming our way this year for both lenses and frames.

Geometrically Shaped Frames

“Kidulting”—a mashup of “kid” and “adulting”—is all about 90s nostalgia, with strong nods to pre-millennium street style and aesthetics. Geometric shapes in a range of materials and lively colours like green, yellow, purple, pink, and light blue are front and centre.

Shrinking Frames

Over the last few seasons, we’ve noticed that 90s nostalgia is influencing size as well as colour and shape. Since the return of rimless, frames have gotten smaller, creating an ultra-retro effect. But be careful with small sunglasses: they may be pretty, trendy, and great for special occasions, but they don’t protect the sensitive skin around the eyes from harmful UV rays.

Spotlight on Double Bridges

Now that double bridges are all the rage, manufacturers are playing with all kinds of bridges. For next year, expect to see the bridge reinvented with acetate inserts in the centre of frames. Bridgeless frames will also make a comeback, going top bar only.

Assertively Feminine

Fashion is becoming increasingly unisex, but more feminine shapes are back, like small oval frames and less rounded, more tapered cat-eye models. Aviator-style frames are becoming more rounded and feminine, and drop temples are making a gradual comeback, especially for sunglasses. Finishes to look out for are glossy, shiny, translucent, and soft. Details are subtle, and often found in the texture of the acetate or the shape of the frames. Cosmetic tints in the pink and nude colour palettes are available for the lenses of some models.

First Look at Trends for 2048

Once again this year, innovation is driving major eyewear trends. High performance and high-tech frames are on the runway at fashion week shows around the world, and the aesthetics of innovation are pushing fashion forward. Futuristic shapes echo retro looks that are right out of the 1980s. And red and mirrored sunglasses are back.

Handcrafted Detail

In terms of detail, “hardware” finishing is adding an industrial touch. This metallic detailing is a perfect match for reinvented tortoiseshell in beiges and yellows. There is also a clear return to Rococo and Baroque styles. Look for embellishments, patterns (on both frames and lenses), and 3D textures on glasses that follow this trend. The use of crystals dials back such flourishes for a more discreet look. Floral designs and patterns inspired by marble and upholstery show the Italian side of this trend.

A Colour Palette for Everyone
You will have noticed that the 2018–2019 trends feature a wide range of colours. Tortoiseshells are high-contrast, Tokyo-style. Solid-colour frames are available in both bright and muted colours such as the nude palette and earth tones. Tinted lenses—either solid or gradient—are the order of the day. But one colour stands out from the rest this year: indigo blue. We’re seeing it on acetate and metal frames and on sunglass lenses.

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