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Silvian Heach Eyewear Latest (P)HEACHwork Designed Frames

November 16, 2017

Patchwork. The Patchwork technique of a fabric or object with fragments connected with various ornaments, sizes, weaves. Patchwork is unlimited freedom, seamless creativity and the inspiration behind Silvian Heach’s latest eyewear designs.

The combination of colours and patterns with different brightness and shades reflects the juxtaposition of prints and patterns harmoniously.

To the designers, patchwork is a symbol of modern life, properly known as tile design technique. A mode of work that takes the minds of artists for more than a season. They have build frames of colourful shades inspired by Mediterranean tiling.

Patchwork and majolica, a conjunction from which the (P) HEACH Work is born.

Source: https://www.weloveglasses.com/news/silvian-heach-eyewear-latest-pheachwork-designed-frames/

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