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Combat Digital Eye Strain in Style

February 18, 2019

Digital screens are a huge part of our lives with 80 percent of American adults reporting using digital devices for more than two hours per day and 67 percent using two digital devices simultaneously. While digital devices have greatly improved our day-to-day activities, they may also be causing a collection of symptoms The Vision Council refers to as digital eye strain. In fact, 59 percent of American adults report experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain, which include eye strain, dry eyes, headache, blurred vision, and neck and shoulder pain. And it’s not just us adults that are experiencing this. Our kids can also face these not-so-fun symptoms – not to mention reduced attention span, poor behavior and irritability – since 70 percent American adults report their child(ren) get more than two hours of screen time per day.

Lucky for us (and kiddos, alike), eyewear is available with lenses featuring anti-reflective and blue light-filtering capabilities – plus oftentimes a magnification – to help reduce the symptoms associated with digital eye strain. Many brands are ready-to-wear with the aforementioned lens technologies built in, but any pair of frames can be outfitted with these lenses through your eyecare provider, so you never have to sacrifice style for function. Even so, 69 percent of Americans report they did not know eyewear could be used to protect the eyes from the effects of digital eye strain. In addition, The Vision Council encourages everyone to take frequent breaks when using devices, keep screen’s at least an arm’s distance away from the eyes, increase text size and reduce overhead lighting to eliminate added screen glare. Additionally, make sure to have an annual eye exam with an eyecare provider and talk about your digital device usage and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Source: http://eyecessorize.com/eyewear-101/combat-digital-eye-strain-in-style/

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