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Etnia Barcelona Introduces “Be Anartist”

July 17, 2017

Etnia Barcelona is independent, rebellious and daring, always breaking boundaries. Based on the artistic avant-gardes, Etnia Barcelona has created a Manifesto and an Anartist Decalogue to deepen in its brand identity and to claim that the brand is more than color, culture and quality. To show that Etnia Barcelona is a brand that does whatever it wants whenever it wants, a brand that’s free.

“BE ANARTIST” is a campaign composed by different photographs that express the Anartist’s attitude, that challenges the viewer, provoking him. Filled with film references from movies scenes such as “A Clockwork Orange”, “The Big Lebowski” or ”Pulp Fiction”. All of the pictures have a common element: all the Anartists are wearing Etnia Barcelona’s glasses. A campaign where all the eyewear collections of the brand are the protagonists. Eyewear designs are created from this perspective: the Anartist attitude influences the creative process of our products, leaving a footprint on each of our models.

Each collection responds to concerns and values that is expressed through Etnia Barcelona’s designs. Inspired by different artistic references and transferring the independent and disruptive character to the people who wears their glasses. To encourage a different view of the world. To make visible what remains invisible. Different collections for different personalities: Originals for the purest ones, Advance for the techies, Vintage for the old school lovers and Capsules for the most daring ones: artists like Araki, McCurry, Klein or Basquiat have inspired their creations for all those who love culture, art and photography.

Challenging traditional artistic canons and the freedom to create, each glasses reveals an attitude and a different way to understand and look at the world. Because the vision is personal, unique and non-transferable. Because our glances should be Anartist.

For this campaign, Etnia Barcelona collaborates with Biel Capllonch, a photographer bounded to the image of the Sonar Music Festival from many years, for its transgressive aesthetics and cultural references. His work is irreverent and high influenced by the world of cinema, strengthening the cinematographic aspect of his photos. This is precisely what he has done for the “BE ANARTIST” campaign, capturing the “Anartist” essence of Etnia Barcelona in each of the scenes.



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