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October 22, 2018

MATERIKA is a project by Look The Concept Factory: a manufacturer of eyewear Made in Italy which bases its knowledge on extensive experience matured over 40 years of constant and growing activity.

This patient journey has enabled Look to become the only example of Italian excellence which is completely verticalized in the eyewear sector, with nothing delegated or decentralized outside the company’s Italian production centres.

MATERIKA has been created within this sphere of absolute technological expertise. The principles are those of the development of the most evolved technological solutions to generate impeccable products.

The materials used in every pair of MATERIKA glasses are the founding element for each project in the five product areas: ACETATE, TITANIUM, KOMBINATO, NIL, ALUMIX.

Materials are more than just the pieces that make up the product. They are the resources on which the project is based, used rationally and following the development of the technical and aesthetic performances of each substance.

A MATERIKA project always starts here, with the targeted experimentation of the finest materials that can be used to create eyewear of the most refined quality and beauty.

The MATERIKA project is filled with an openly shared philosophy based on the cohesion of the virtues that contribute to the implementation of the success of a project undergoing constant development.

Made in Italia isn’t a label but the definition of the exclusive value which is linked to the people who work on the growth and supervision of a project.

The vision of MATERIKA revolves around the creation, definition and explanation of the value of things in the best way possible in order to design, take action and manufacture our products. This innovative brand offers those who need and want to choose eyewear of the finest quality a reliable product which strives increasingly towards the achievement of excellence.

Source: https://spectr-magazine.com/look-concept-factory/

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