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Synaesthesia: The Soul of the Createur

March 12, 2019

We proudly introduce our new brand campaign in which we explore the phenomenon of Synaesthesia. This creates an alluring and surprising setting for the new collection of sophisticated and delicate concepts, each unique like fine sculptures…

GIPSE2 Col.2045

For the past 20 years we have created beautiful eyewear discovering new territories of volumes, shapes, materials and textures. Adding a unique colour range to each design has become a true trademark of FACE A FACE.

This season our Parisian design team has not only looked at the world of fine art to find inspiration, but they have also explored the phenomenon ‘Synaesthesia’ – the ability to mix senses and literally taste shapes or hear a colour.

“Many famous artists are gifted with synaesthesia and have the ability to see and sense colour and form in a way that is surreal to others,” explains Pascal Jaulent, Head of Design at FACE A FACE, and elaborates “We have found it very intriguing and fascinating to explore the many dimensions of this ability.”

Our design team has worked boldly in creating eyewear with contrasts of colour and materials, that are like unique pieces of art – not leaving a single detail up for chance. And the result is alluring: a new surprising collection filled with magical colours and elaborate shapes.

“It truly requires passion and a sense of ‘synaesthesia’ to have this amount of accuratesse in choice of colours and shapes,” says Pascal Jaulent.

GIPSE1 Col.2056

Source: http://www.faceaface-paris.com/createur_en/?lang=en

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